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Le voyageur...
ne prend q'une direction
Le rêveur...
les prend toutes

Julos Beaucarne (B))

Egel (66K)
Le Hérisson[lat.: Ericius ]
Petit mammifère insectivore de la famille des érinacéidés apparenté à la taupe et à la musaraigne.
Il est originaire d’Europe, d’Afrique et d’Asie.
Le hérisson est caractérisé par une grande quantité de piquants sur le dos
et par le fait qu'il se roule en boule pour se protéger.

L'heure (122K)

memories (159K)David (19K)
"Quale spirito può essere così vuoto e cieco
al punto di non capire
che il piede è più nobile della scarpa"

(What spirit is so empty and blind, that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more noble than the shoe)

Michelangelo (March 6th, 1475 - Februari 18th, 1564)

Barefoot Female Singers

Rudy 2015 (68K)

My name is Rutger Andries Bredewoud (my mum called me Rudy, she passed away in 2014)

I was born in Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands on Saturday November 19th 1960 at 9 pm
This is a recent picture of me

I live in a suburb of The Hague, a city at the coast of The Netherlands.

The Hague Travel Information

Map thumb (1K)
Click the pic for a map of The Netherlands (Holland).

Go check my roots ! Family tree (5K)

Train (13K)
"Rudy's on a train to nowhere, halfway down the line.
He doesn't wanna get there, but he needs time.
Rudy thought all good things come to those that wait.
But recently, he could see, it may come much too late."
Supertramp (Album: Crime of the Century 1974)

Crime (28K)

Nederlandse vlag (1K)
The Dutch Flag
To downlaod the Dutch anthem just click on the flag!

Schoolbank (2K)
If you want to know more about my past, look at Schoolbank (in Dutch).

Laguiole tumb (3K)
Click the pic for my French Laguiole knives (descriptions in French)

Trek Thumb (3K)
Click the pic for my Trek Bike

rabbit thumb (17K)
Click the pic to see the bunnies

Old Audi thumb (4K)
My privat Audis

Work audis tumb (4K)
My Lease Audis

Papa 1975 (8K)
Audis of my Dad (born 1928, died 1997)

Bro (8K)
Audis of my brother

Some links on the Internet

Audi Worldwide

Keeping rabbits

Laguiole knives

Official Holland Site

Trek Bikes

The Bible

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